Families during Alexandria, VA spring mini session

Jun 20, 2023

A few weeks ago, I hosted a spring mini session at a beautiful park in Alexandria, Virginia, which was a new location we hadn’t offered mini sessions before. I had the pleasure of working with six lovely families, which were a mix of past and new clients! It was a warm, sunny day and the park was bustling with photographers and guests, but we managed to find a good spot adorned with pretty flowers that served as the perfect backdrop for our mini sessions, creating a magical atmosphere for everyone involved!


Prince William County, VA spring mini session

May 12, 2023

A few weeks ago, I hosted my first spring minis of the year. They were done at a beautiful park in Prince William County, Virginia. You might recognize this park because I’ve also done spring mini sessions in Haymarket, VA last year. I love going to this park, because every time I go there, I always find a new spot for me take photos like what happened during last year’s Haymarket, Virginia fall minis.


Different families during Haymarket, VA fall minis

Jan 11, 2023

I thought last year’s fall mini sessions in Loudoun County, VA would be my most challenging mini session to date because of the ongoing event that day that led to increased foot traffic. I was wrong! Last year’s fall mini sessions in Haymarket, Virginia was even more challenging because of the weather. On the days leading up to the mini session, the forecast said that it will rain in the morning; but not the afternoon.


Family, senior, and maternity photos with cherry blossoms in VA

Jan 6, 2023

Time really does fly when you’re having so much fun! I tried my best to slow down especially when I took a break from working in summer and later in the year to make memories with my family. But between all the projects I worked on, sessions I did, and being sick, 2022 left like a parent who forgot it’s time to pick up their child from school.


Collage of photos from Loudoun County, Virginia fall minis

Nov 16, 2022

The Loudoun County, Virginia fall minis that happened a few weeks ago was pretty eventful. Between the Trunk or Treat happening at the park that day, and the tons of other photographers also doing their photoshoots, it was a bit challenging to navigate the increased foot traffic but I’m so glad that we were able to make it work and I was able to freeze some precious moments for these beautiful families.


kids interacting with Santa during Red Truck mini session in Northern Virginia

Oct 28, 2022

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember that last year’s outdoor Christmas minis were supposed to be red truck mini sessions. However, the Santa who owns the red truck had a medical emergency so I had to put together a different setup last minute. But this year, we are so happy that Santa has finally recovered and was able to make Christmas more magical this year for some families.


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