Senior photos in Warrenton, Virginia

Mar 13, 2024

Winter Senior Pictures in Warrenton, VA A few weeks ago, I had my first senior photos in Warrenton, Virginia. You might recognize this location from this Airlie senior session I did a few years ago. I’m so glad that another client has fallen in love with this location and has chosen this to do their […]


Gainesville, Virginia fall senior session

Nov 20, 2023

As I posed S, the senior, as she was sitting on a stone bridge during her Gainesville, Virginia fall senior session, I felt a drop of water on my skin. I looked up at the sky, and I felt another drop. I looked at M, S’s mom, and asked her if was raining. It sure was.


High school sisters during Old Town Alexandria senior pictures

Apr 26, 2023

My most recent session a few weeks ago combined my love for family & senior photography. I love photographing families because I’ve always been fascinated with the interactions & connections between family members. I enjoy senior sessions because I love capturing photos that show the real personalities of my senior clients. Well a few weekends ago, I got the best of both worlds. I got to photograph 2 high school sisters for their Old Town Alexandria senior pictures.


Edgy senior pictures in downtown Reston, VA

Apr 5, 2023

This location in downtown Reston, VA is quickly becoming a favorite among my clients especially those who want to have edgy senior pictures. And I mean, I can’t blame them! This location is perfect for urban senior photos because you get the city vibe without the location being overcrowded. If you’ll remember, when I did the senior session in fall at this location, it was also windy. I have learned this time around that that particular spot was built to be a wind tunnel. Now I know why…


Family, senior, and maternity photos with cherry blossoms in VA

Jan 6, 2023

Time really does fly when you’re having so much fun! I tried my best to slow down especially when I took a break from working in summer and later in the year to make memories with my family. But between all the projects I worked on, sessions I did, and being sick, 2022 left like a parent who forgot it’s time to pick up their child from school.


high school senior photos taken in Manassas, Virginia

Oct 18, 2022

Last weekend’s high school senior photos in Manassas, Virginia was the perfect slowness that I needed after a series of mini sessions I did the weekend before. Even though this senior session was super chill, my heart was racing the whole time because K, the senior, rocked her senior pictures. She definitely did make my job easier.


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