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Product Photography for A Business Manufacturing Montessori Inspired Toys & Furnitures for Children

posted on:

Mar 20, 2024

Product photography for Montessori inspired toys and furnitures

Product Photos for Kids’ Montessori Inspired Toys & Furnitures Manufacturer

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that as of April 2023, I have added commercial photography as one of the services I am offering. Since then, I’ve been serving small business owners and helping them stand out in the market through strategic brand & product photography.

One of the first few clients who have trusted me & supported me is Nikki, one of the owners of Blueberry & Third. Blueberry & Third is owned by two parents, Nikki and Brian, who design and build small batch Montessori inspired toys and furnitures for children with an emphasis on design and safety. It all started when they built The Climbing Arch for their daughter’s first birthday. Their goal was to build her something she could climb on, while also making sure that it would fit seamlessly into their play and living area. Their friends saw what they have built and were blown away that they built it from scratch and that’s what sparked it all. They decided to build a workshop so they would be able produce more Montessori inspired toys & furnitures for children. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Here’s another fact that I love about them: the meaning behind their name – Blueberry & Third. Blueberry comes from the first drink that Nikki and Brian shared on their first date, and Third is the street where their family started and many of their first wooden designs were born. Isn’t that just beautiful?

As two Montessori parents, they are committed to designing and crafting products that promote exploration, imagination, and hands-on learning experiences for children. Focusing on quality, safety, and environmental responsibility, they strive to be a trusted partner for educators, parents, and caregivers seeking long-lasting solutions for children’s spaces.

As a mom of 3 who loves to shop quality pieces for her own kids, imagine how excited I was to work with them. Nikki found me on Instagram, we scheduled a call to get to know each other a little better, discuss their needs, and how I work. And from there, a beautiful partnership began.

Our first product photoshoot happened in August of last year. We shot in 2 different homes and had 3 sets of models. In our first location, we shot in a living room and had siblings play and use different Montessori inspired children’s toys and furnitures that they built. Among these are The Balance Beam, The Climbing Arch, The Bookshelf, and The Play Tray. We showed one way to use The Play Tray as a floor table with toys you would normally play on the floor or on a table. We showed how easy it was to get books from The Bookshelf that even a toddler can do it to enjoy any book they wish to read. But mostly, we let the siblings have fun while using all of these. We had mom join in on the fun too. The kids had so much fun, they gave me a hug as we were packing up.

In our second location, we shot in 2 different rooms. The bedroom and the play room. We had The Clothing Rack, The Bookshelf, The Play Tray, The Rocketship Activity Board, and The Rainbow Activity Board set up in the 5-year-old boy’s bedroom. We showed another way to use The Play Tray by having the boy play with the 2 activity boards on top of it. We setup The Clothing Rack with some “fancy” clothes which our model had fun trying on.

And then, we moved on to his playroom as soon as 2 of his friends arrived. We setup the playroom with The Climbing Arch, The Balance Beam, The Bookshelf, The Clothing Rack, The Play Tray, The Rocketship Activity Board, and The Rainbow Activity Board. We showed a different way to use The Clothing Rack by hanging some children’s costumes in it. All 3 kids had the best time playing with all these different Montessori inspired toys and furnitures for children. They had fun dressing up, they even tried to use The Climbing Arch as a way to play peek-a-boo. And when they needed to catch their breath from having too much fun, they sat on the floor and read a book.

Having been able to work with kids of different ages and personality in my family photography business was truly helpful in making sure this product photoshoot went as smooth as possible. I had the best time during this photoshoot although my body didn’t agree with me because I was super sore for at least a couple of days. Haha!

Boys playing on a balance beam
Toddler playing with the climbing arch
Boy playing with activity board during product photoshoot
Product photoshoot for toys and furnitures in the play room
Boys wearing costumes from clothing rack
Boy playing with rocketship activity board
Montessori inspired clothing rack and activity board
Mom reading a book to kids
Play tray with coloring book product photography
Product photoshoot for Montessori inspired toys and furniture in the living room
Tea set and teddy bear on a Montessori inspired play tray
Mom playing with kids
Toddler playing with puzzles on a play tray
Boy playing with the activity board
Boy reading a book
Product photo of a boy playing with rainbow activity board
A boy's room with Montessori inspired toys and furnitures

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